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Have you ever stopped to think how your life would be if you had changed any one of its tiniest details?
Destiny or chance, your personal history has brought you here and has made you a witness of a great icon in the history of the city of Madrid. Now you are part of its potent adventure that is ours, and from today, it is yours too.

Movie Nights at Gran Hotel Inglés
15 Jun

Movie Nights

"Movie Nights" return to LoBbyto on Friday nights.

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8 Jun

"Arquitectura del Orden", a market for second opportunities

Gran Hotel Inglés took place a new Arquitectura del Orden market. His creators, Astrid and María, are two decoration lovers as well as second opportunity givers.

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Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice
8 Jun

Gran Hotel Inglés: Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice Recognition

The three specific categories in which it has won the award were: Luxury Spain, Top Europe and Top Spain.

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17 May

Enjoy the best Sunday brunch in Madrid

Brunch are trending. And it is that this tradition, typical of the families of the English high society of the 19th century, has passed to our days as an opportunity to savor different culinary creations, create unique memories together with the best of companies and recreate with the best musical pieces and artistic.

So if you want to enjoy a Sunday brunch in Madrid, the “Show Brunch” at the Gran Hotel Inglés may be just what you are looking for.

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22 Apr

Celebration of Book Day with Special Events at the Gran Hotel Inglés

The most notable of these events is the lunch/gathering organised by the booksellers’ association “La Cuesta de Moyano,” where you can talk about literature to your heart’s content over a spot of fine dining, with a special menu prepared by Michelin-star chef Fernando P. Arellano.

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hotel with spa in Madrid
19 Apr

Relax in our hotel with spa in Madrid

Located in the neighborhood of Las Letras, the Gran Hotel Inglés is already 165 years old. It was the first hotel to have electric lighting in Madrid, and that led it to host numerous famous people.

In the facilities of our 5-star hotel in Madrid, you will find a coffee room, a restaurant, spacious white rooms with upholstered baseboards or marble bathtubs, and many more secrets that we invite you to discover by staying with us.

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5 star hotel in madrid

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14 Mar

New Show-Brunch: Music, Show and Gastronomy | Gran Hotel Inglés

New gastronomic proposal signed by the chef Fernando P. Arellano

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Women's Day at GHI
14 Mar

Celebration of Women's Day by the Gran Hotel Inglés

Events at GHI during the month of March on the occasion of Women's Day

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3 Jan

The best restaurants in Madrid

We therefore invite you to discover the very best of Madrid and let your taste buds guide you to the best restaurants and places to eat in the city.

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What to do with the kids in Madrid this Christmas?
22 Dec

What to do with the kids in Madrid this Christmas?

In this article, we will talk about the best things to do in Madrid over the Christmas period for families with children.

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Madrid’s Christmas Markets
9 Dec

Christmas Markets in Madrid: A Guide to the Gran Hotel Inglés

If you want to feel the true Christmas spirit that runs through the Spanish capital and enjoy an unforgettable stay at our 5 star hotel in Madrid, you must visit Madrid’s Christmas markets.

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Blossom Tea at Gran Hotel Inglés
5 Nov

Blossom Tea: The New Evanescent Flower Shop at the Gran Hotel Inglés

Blossom Tea is a temporary service that will be running from 3 to 14 November in the main lobby of the iconic Gran Hotel Inglés, where you will be able to savour the finest afternoon tea and marvel at extraordinary flower arrangements.

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spectacular viewpoints in Madrid
5 Nov

The seven most spectacular viewpoints in Madrid

Discover Madrid from one of its seven most spectacular viewpoints and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with our wonderful city.

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What to see in Madrid in 2 days
20 Oct

What to see in Madrid in 2 days?

Here’s our ultimate guide on the best things to do in Madrid

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Weekend plans in Madrid Plaza Mayor
13 Oct


A weekend break in Madrid means enjoying a few unforgettable days to fall in love with the attractions of the capital.

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Traditional Madrid Food Cocido
29 Sep

Traditional Gastronomy of Madrid: Tastes You Must Try

Fine dining enthusiasts will marvel at Madrid’s highly impressive array of traditional dishes. You simply cannot visit the city without savouring mouth-watering, traditional Madrid food.

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Gran Hotel Inglés
24 Sep

Madrid Luxury Destination: An Initiative Led by the Gran Hotel Inglés

Madrid celebrated its First Tourism and Culture Forum with the support of the entity Madrid Capital de Lujo (MCDL) and its president Kevin de Ribes with the Tourism, Culture, and Sports delegate Andrea Levy.

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 Jazz in Madrid
21 Sep


According to the experts, life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise… Improvise a weekend in Madrid and visit the best jazz halls in the capital.

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 Exclusive galleries: a different plan in Madrid
21 Sep

Exclusive Galleries: A Different Plan in Madrid : Gran Hotel Inglés

“A luxury brand is still an industrial product; an artist’s signature on his work guarantees exclusivity. A unique piece is true luxury” Andy Warhol.

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Film Nights at LobByto
13 Aug

Movie Nights at the Elegant LobByto | Gran Hotel Inglés

Live music, traditional tapas, dishes to share, cocktails and the best music for Summer nights.

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Gran hotel ingles awarded best boutique hotel
16 Jul


The emblematic establishment has more than 130 years of history and dates back to 1886, making it the capital’s first luxury hotel.

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Things to do in Barrio de las Letras Madrid
25 Jun


Madrid’s Literary Quarter charmed Miguel de Cervantes, Tirso de Molina, Lorca and Quevedo. If you come here, you will love it too. 

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The most unique experiences to have in Madrid
21 Jun


In Madrid there are many activities you can do, some of them are the most typical. However, there are other activities, which are not so visible to the general public, these are the exclusive activities that you can do in Madrid.

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Luxury getaways Madrid
21 Jun

Luxury Escapes for Couples in Madrid: A Unique Experience

Enjoy a luxury getaway as a couple at Gran Hotel Inglés. The best 5* plans for a romantic weekend! 

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Best cultural activities in Madrid
21 Jun

Unforgettable Cultural Activities in Madrid

Discover the best activities in Madrid! At Gran Hotel Inglés, we offer you the best selection to make sure you experience everything it has to offer.

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Five historic Hotels Gran Hotel Inglés
27 May

Five Historic Hotels: Hotels with cultural interest

Staying at historic hotels enables you to play a part in the chronicles of their cities. We recommend five options you won’t want to miss.

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Gran Hotel Inglés in Forbes
20 Apr

Gran Hotel Inglés: International Recognition at Forbes

The businesswoman Carmen Cordón Muro, co-founder of Hidden Away Hotels, in an interview with Forbes, talks about the reopening of Gran Hotel Inglés and mentions that this five-star hotel is the company's flagship.

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Luxury service in a Gran Hotel Inglés
8 Mar

Tailor-made concierge service at the Gran Hotel Inglés

Gran Hotel Inglés is looking forward to making all your dreams come true, we invite you to visit us!

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Gran Hotel Inglés
11 Feb


If you are looking for a hotel in Madrid you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Gran Hotel Inglés.

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The best plans in Madrid's Barrio de las Letras
10 Dec


We encourage you to discover the best Barrio de las Letras has to offer, something different that you’ll love.

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Gran Hotel Inglés
18 Sep

The Best Cocktails and Exclusive Environments in Madrid

In this guide to the finest places for going out for a drink in Madrid you’ll find the best options for enjoying your favourite tipple.

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Museums of Madrid
15 Sep

Museums in Madrid: Must-See in the Art Triangle

Among the museums of Madrid, the Art Triangle is one of the must-see sights near the Barrio de las Letras. Find out more!



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Flamenco in Madrid
10 Sep


We invite you to discover the history of flamenco in Madrid and urge you to enjoy an unforgettable show at our recommended venues.

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Gran Hotel Inglés feted in Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice 2020 Awards
8 Sep

Gran Hotel Inglés Receives Travellers' Choice Award 2020

At Gran Hotel Inglés we’ve been feted in Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best awards, an honour we’d like to share with you.

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Secret Places in Madrid
13 Aug


Come discover Madrid’s secret places on your next visit to the capital. Be enchanted by these amazing places!

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Gran Hotel Inglés
22 Jul


The Gran Hotel Inglés is getting ready to welcome you, applying the strictest safety measures to protect your health. Find out all about them!

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Gran Hotel Inglés
23 Jun

What a Boutique Hotel Offers: Exclusive Services

A boutique hotel is a deluxe option for the most discerning guests. The Gran Hotel Inglés is your best choice: we explain why you’ll love it

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 Rooms at the Gran Hotel Inglés
5 Apr


Walking into the Gran Hotel Inglés, you enter a slice of the capital’s history. Its exquisite decor transports you back to days gone by, to an age brimming with sophistication, turning your stay into a luxury experience through time from the moment you arrive.

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Vermouth in the barrio de las letras ©2020 Manuel-M
23 Mar


Enjoying a pre-lunch tipple of vermouth in Madrid is an unmissable experience. It is a modern tradition that actually dates back years. Today we tell you all about its origin, the different varieties available, and where you can enjoy a good glass of vermouth in the Barrio de las Letras.

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Gran Hotel Inglés invites you to discover the authentic Broadway
24 Feb

Discover the Authentic Broadway with the Gran Hotel Inglés

Travelling to New York without moving away from Madrid? Yes, now it is possible.

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 The Prado Museum
9 Feb

The Prado Museum’s most elegant exhibitions

Declared a property of cultural interest in 1962 and just one year away from celebrating its first bicentenary, the Prado Museum is currently one of the best recognised art galleries worldwide, with over three and a half million visitors a year.

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Gran Hotel Inglés
12 Jan

A Night at the Gran Hotel Inglés: Guest Testimonials

The Gran Hotel Inglés is an exclusive 5-star boutique hotel in Madrid’s Barrio de las Letras. This exceptional establishment is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World association, which recognises the best 375 hotels in the world.

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 Madrid’s oldest hotel to re-open after renovation
17 Nov

Reopening of Madrid's oldest hotel: Gran Hotel Inglés

The Gran Hotel Inglés is in the cultural, shopping and entertainment nerve centre of Madrid, at the very heart of Barrio de las Letras (Literary Quarter).

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Whether it be chance or destiny, your personal history has brought you here