The best restaurants in Madrid

The best restaurants in Madrid

One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to try the local cuisine, so we have put together a list of some of the greatest restaurants and the best places to eat in Madrid.

Do you know any traditional Madrilenian dishes? The Spanish capital offers a wide variety of traditional delicacies, covering all taste buds and occasions, including the classic bocata de calamares (squid sandwich), churros with chocolate and the delectable cocido madrileño stew — the perfect way to warm yourself up when the mercury plummets.

But you can find more culinary delights in Madrid than just the traditional classics, with many modern and incredible dishes to tuck into in the city’s luxury restaurants.

At Gran Hotel Inglés we are always on hand to help, giving you the greatest tips on how you can make the most of your time in the Spanish capital, such as visiting the seven most spectacular viewpoints in Madrid. But the aim of this particular post is to make sure you taste the city’s finest delicacies during your stay at our 5 star hotel in Madrid. We therefore invite you to discover the very best of Madrid and let your taste buds guide you to the best restaurants and places to eat in the city.



Founded by the business partners Manuel Campos Guallar, Abel Matutes Prats and Rafael Nadal, TATEL is a stylish and sophisticated restaurant embodying the typical welcoming feel and cheerful atmosphere in Spanish eateries.

TATEL offers a vast array of mouth-watering dishes based on traditional Spanish products and recipes, which are all served against a backdrop of live music. This unique culinary environment has catapulted the restaurant onto USA Today’s list of 25 restaurants worth travelling for across the world.



If you’re looking for a more international, well-travelled and cosmopolitan cuisine, then Amazónico is the place for you, with a plethora of flavours waiting to be discovered. The culinary delights on offer include hot coal-grilled and tandoori meats, frogs’ legs, Hamachi usuzukuri (yellowfin sashimi with truffle ponzu) and a wide range of fish and meat dishes.

Located right in the heart of the Salamanca district, Amazónico stimulates the five senses, with entertainment, music and a vibrant atmosphere.


Casa Lobo

Casa Lobo cooks up the finest traditional and contemporary Madrilenian dishes, all served in a unique meeting place imbued with the essence of the open kitchens and large houses encapsulating the magical nature of Barrio de las Letras.

Our restaurant, Casa Lobo, is located right in the heart of Madrid in calle Echegaray (formerly known as calle Lobo). The pure and authentic flavours of our dishes await, all blessed with the magic touch of our culinary genius and two-star Michelin chef, Fernando Arellano. They are also bestowed with the brilliance of our head chef, D’Angelo Bishop, who has not only propelled all that is authentic to centre stage, but also restored the almost forgotten recipes of yesteryear to their former glory, some of which have been served at the restaurant since before 1900.


Bel Mondo

Bel Mondo brings the tastes of Italy to Madrid, where chef Ciro Cristiano and his team serve up delicious gourmet Neapolitan pizzas and tasty fresh pasta prepared the fully traditional way, as well as Spanish-style Italian dishes and Italian-style Spanish dishes.

Particularly ideal for the most intimate encounters, the unique atmosphere at this establishment perfectly accompanies its mouth-watering menu, combining the sense of luxury running through the summer palaces along the shore of Lake Garda with the casual feel of a cool guy’s crib from the 80s.



Lhardy is the first known Spanish restaurant, with such status integral to the ongoing public restoration works on the establishment. This famous restaurant is not only home to delectable authentic dishes, but also the backdrop for many significant events in Spanish history.

These four walls date back over three centuries, a period marked by the overthrow of kings and politicians, the inauguration of republics and new dynasties, restorations, regencies and dictatorships.



Having been awarded a Michelin star in 2021, Saddle is looking to become a contemporary take on a classic restaurant, serving up a wide range of luxurious dishes and impeccable cocktails.

This establishment comprises three different areas, all with their own unique atmosphere: a cocktail bar, a large dining area and cosy private rooms.


La Bien Aparecida

La Bien Aparecida is a charming restaurant offering all kinds of culinary delights, with Cantabrian seafood being its signature ingredient. You can also savour its delectable dishes in the bottom-floor bar, where you can wash them down with the finest beverages.

Try one of the many delicacies on offer, with both simple classic dishes and experimental culinary masterpieces to choose from.



Astonishing the people of Madrid with its culinary brilliance since 1943, the Horcher restaurant can be found opposite the Parque del Retiro gardens.

Having maintained its status as a German family restaurant from its origins through to the present day, this restaurant combines the very best of traditional cuisine with an unbridled passion for cooking.



Chirón’s dishes combine traditional Madrilenian recipes with global delicacies and local produce to create luxurious culinary masterpieces.

Savour the dishes on its magnificent menu, which consist of traditional recipes complemented by new local flavours with an international and Manchegan twist.


A’ Barra

The only thing that matters to the A’ Barra restaurant is producing premium-quality dishes for its customers, a pursuit of excellence culminating in the award of a Michelin star within six months of its inauguration.

Although the restaurant prepares all its dishes the traditional way, research and development, as well as the continuous quest for healthy and sustainable product-centred cooking, bolster this age-old approach towards cuisine.

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