Celebration of Women's Day by the Gran Hotel Inglés | Gran Hotel Inglés

Celebration of Women's Day by the Gran Hotel Inglés

In the Women’s month, the GRAN HOTEL INGLÉS presents an agenda of events and very special activities such as book presentations, art exhibitions or masterclasses, starring different female profiles.

The events began on March 8, Women's Day, with the presentation of the book "Women who inspire" by Raquel Delgado and the opening of the exhibition of the works of the artist Elisa de la Torre.

Women's Day at GHI

On the occasion of the celebration of Women's Day, the GRAN HOTEL INGLES gives the figure of women the visibility and recognition they deserve.

This special programming was inaugurated on March 8 with an art exhibition with works by the artist Elisa de la Torre in the hotel lobby. Elisa de la Torre's work is based on elements of nature whose tones and orographies are explored through her experimental technique; crystallized paint, minerals, chemicals and resins. This young woman from Madrid has been awarded for several of her works, which have been exhibited nationally and can be enjoyed at the hotel until the end of March.

During this month, there will also be presentations of books written by women Raquel Delgado presented her latest book, ''Mujeres que Inspiran'' on March 8 at the Hotel. 

This book falls within the genre of personal growth and self-help, and focuses on the experiences of seven women she interviews.

On the other hand, on March 29th there will be a reading with the writer Laura Ferrero, author of titles such as "La gente no existe" (People don't exist), "Qué vas a hacer con el resto de tu vida" (What are you going to do with the rest of your life) and "Piscinas vacías" (Empty pools). Ferrero is a journalist and editor, and combines her work for various publishing houses and cultural institutions with her passion for writing. 

In the lobby of the GRAN HOTEL INGLÉS there will also be an event organized by the Invisible Women's Club, which works to help highlight and give visibility to the art and proposals of women artists from all over Spain. On this occasion they propose an Art Market with contemporary works. The Art Market will take place on Sunday, March 20th from 12 to 19 hours, with free access. In addition, all those who wish may complement their morning visit to the market with the new proposal of the GRAN HOTEL INGLÉS for Sundays, the Show-Brunch, which combines gastronomy and entertainment, or with the Afternoon Tea.

In this special agency for Women's Month, there will also be a Matcha Colors Matcha Tea Masterclass with tasting included. This initiative was born as a bridge between the Eastern and Western world, adding the best ingredients from East and West to create six blends of matcha tea, superfoods, and spices. This experience will take place on Wednesday, March 30 from 5 to 7 pm

In addition, during the month of March Le Max, the Hotel Spa, will give all women who wish to enjoy its proposal, with a 20% discount on Sisley treatments.

Women's Day at GHI

Women's Day at GHI

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