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Est. 1886


Taste fine dining in Madrid centre

Aromas of the past, fine cuisine, a luxury that belongs to the most traditional Madrid, sharing laughter, drinks. The kitchen staff at Lobo 8 are triumphing in Madrid with the useful recipe of putting all of the emotion of the magic of the Literary Quarter, the authentic flavour and a “traditional luxury” into their recipes.

A wolf and a culinary genius

What is now known as Calle Echegaray used to be called Calle del Lobo (literally, “Wolf Street”). Here, in the 17 th century, a reclusive and rather unsociable taxidermist had his workshop; at the entrance he displayed a stuffed and ferocious-looking wolf he himself had killed, with which he terrified the children of the neighbourhood.

Casa Lobo will remain closed during July and August, to return in September with an excellent autumn proposal signed by Fernando Arellano and D ´Angelo Bishop.




Relax at our lobby bar in Madrid centre.

LoBbyto, presents a new menu proposal signed by the two Michelin star chef, Fernando Arellano:

Chef Fernando Arellano (Zaranda, Mallorca - Two Michelin stars) signs the gastromic offer for Lobbyto this summer. Among others, the chef suggests not to miss starters such as “Salmorejo” thick tomato soup with lobster, avocado tartar and Iberian ham chips”, “XL pink tomato Caesar salad”, “Crackling toast of thin sliced wagyu,arugula and truffle mayonnaise”, or any of the delicious tapas, such as the “bravas”, the “Crispy chicken wing lolly pops”…


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