5 Traditions of Madrid You Must Experience: Guide to the Gran Hotel Inglés

5 Madrid Traditions You Should Know About | Gran Hotel Inglés

Want to discover Madrid's most authentic traditions and immerse yourself in its rich culture? In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the Spanish capital's most emblematic traditions. From festive celebrations to gastronomic customs, we'll introduce you to 5 Madrid traditions you can't miss - get ready to experience the true essence of Madrid!


Las Verbenas de San Isidro: Madrid's most traditional festival

The first tradition you should know about is the celebration of the Verbenas de San Isidro, the patron saint of Madrid. Every May 15th, the city fills with joy and colour with concerts, traditional dances, attractions and food stalls. Did you know that the verbenas are the perfect occasion to enjoy typical dishes such as calamari sandwiches or silly and clever doughnuts? Join the crowds and let yourself be carried away by the festive energy of this Madrid tradition.


El Rastro: A Flea Market with Charm

El Rastro is one of Madrid's most famous flea markets and a tradition that has stood the test of time. Every Sunday and public holiday, the streets of the La Latina neighbourhood are filled with stalls selling antiques, vintage clothes and curiosities. Would you like to find hidden treasures among the stalls and immerse yourself in the bohemian and lively atmosphere of the Rastro? Don't forget to practice your haggling skills to get the best bargains!


The Chotis: Typical Dance of Madrid

The Chotis is a typical dance of Madrid that forms part of its folkloric tradition. This dance for couples is characterized by its lively and joyful movements, accompanied by traditional music. Are you up for learning the steps of the Chotis and joining the dancers in the city's squares and popular festivals? Enjoy the music and the joy that is contagious during this Madrid tradition.


The "Chulapo" and the "Chulapa": Icons of Traditional Madrid

Another emblematic tradition of Madrid is the figure of the "chulapo" and the "chulapa". These characters represent the spirit and typical dress of traditional Madrid. The "chulapo" is characterized by wearing an elegant costume made up of a waistcoat, a short jacket, tight trousers and a handkerchief tied around his neck, while the "chulapa" wears a traditional dress, with a Manila shawl and a comb in his hair. These characters form part of Madrid's identity and are especially visible during the celebrations of the patron saint's festivities.

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