Gran Hotel Inglés feted in Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice 2020 awards

Gran Hotel Inglés Receives Travellers' Choice Award 2020

At 5-Star Madrid Gran Hotel Inglés we’ve had some wonderful news we’d like to share with you: we’ve been feted in Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best awards. We couldn’t wait to share our excitement with our visitors, because they’re the ones who’ve helped us, with their comments and reviews, to once again form part of this unique selection drawn up by the well-known travel website, Tripadvisor.


This recognition is the highest honour bestowed by Tripadvisor and, as they explain on their website, they are annual awards reflecting “the best of the best” in the travel industry. With their Travellers’ Choice awards, Tripadvisor identify the hotels, accommodation and destinations that fall within the top 1% with the highest ratings. The ranking is based on the opinions and reviews of thousands of travellers all over the world.


Thanks to the high satisfaction levels among the guests who have decided to share their experience of Gran Hotel Inglés, we’ve earned an outstanding position in the Travellers’ Choice 2020 award for “Customer service”. This award means a great deal for our boutique hotel because it’s a clear sign that we’re achieving our objective: offering the finest personal and exclusive service to enable our visitors to enjoy a unique experience.


Best customer service, an award that encapsulates us

Gran Hotel Inglés has the honour of being ranked among the 25 hotels with the best customer service in Spain. Among the reviews cited by Tripadvisor, our visitors highlight our “fantastic unpretentious breakfasts” as well as “the hotel staff, from the manager to all the rest of the team, make the place wonderful”.


At Gran Hotel Inglés we love paying scrupulous attention to each and every detail to ensure an unforgettable experience. We’re fully aware that in addition to comfort, the meticulousness of our service plays a fundamental part in leaving our guests with fond memories. 


Our thanks go out to all of you for your continued trust and for being our guests of honour in this privileged part of Madrid that is Gran Hotel Inglés.

Gran Hotel Inglés awarded in the Travellers' Choice 2020 Tripadvisor Awards

Gran Hotel Inglés awarded in the Travellers' Choice 2020 Tripadvisor Awards

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