Benefits of Staying in a 5 Star Hotel: The English Grand Hotel Experience

Benefits of staying in a 5-star hotel


Meet here the features and benefits of staying in a 5-star hotel, this type of accommodation is gaining strength year after year among VIP travelers and new generations around the world. 

Features of 5-star hotels

The hotel experience in a luxury hotel is characterized by personalized spaces, a reduced number of rooms that guarantee an exclusive service to guests. The architecture in this type of hotel is fundamental, it is expected to be elegant or at least very original. 

The 5-star hotels promote the idea that decoration and architecture is based on details, and every detail counts to give that expected aesthetic. These hotels are ideal for romantic getaways or travelers who want to live a true luxury experience, in a quiet space with personalized attention


Benefits of a 5-star hotel

There are several reasons to choose a luxury hotel when it comes to choosing accommodation during a trip to a special place, now we will tell you the main advantages of these jewels of hotels. 


Ideal for romantic getaways 

You will experience true tranquility... the intimacy you find in these hotels you won't find anywhere else. That's why boutique hotels are your allies to escape with that special someone and live together a true luxury experience. 

A truly personalized attention 

The attention starts from the moment of booking, if you make a reservation at a boutique hotel you can expect to feel listened to from before you arrive at the hotel, having a limited number of rooms, they can make sure to understand and address any concerns that may arise to guests. 

The goal is to treat guests as special guests in these accommodations, and they really are, so they use creative resources and attention to the smallest details to provide a different and unforgettable experience. 

Few rooms and few shared spaces 

They tend to be few when compared to large hotels; if you try to classify by numbers, boutique hotels usually have less than one hundred rooms. In addition, common areas such as the lobby, swimming pools, corridors, restaurants and terraces are usually small in order to really focus all the attention of the place and the attention on the visitors. 

Original design

The decoration and architecture of this kind of accommodations are characterized by always looking for an aesthetic around a theme, for example the colonial era is one of the most common. Boutique hotels are usually located in old mansions, and this historical heritage is combined with modern and original architecture, resulting in truly beautiful and exclusive spaces. 


Book one of the best boutique hotels in Madrid

As for boutique hotels in Spain, more specifically in Madrid, there are a few that are protagonists in the lists of the best 5-star hotels in Madrid, this is the case of the Gran Hotel Ingles by Hidden Away Hotels, the rooms and furnishings are inspired by the "art deco", and the art of living life without guilt and without complexes.

GHI: Benefits of staying in a 5-star hotel

GHI: Benefits of staying in a 5-star hotel

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