Gran Hotel Inglés is proud to present “Blossom Tea,” its brand-new evanescent florist’s

Blossom Tea: The New Evanescent Flower Shop at the Gran Hotel Inglés

Since it was first built in 1853, Gran Hotel Inglés 5-star in Madrid has been at the heart of Madrid’s social scene. Along with its new afternoon tea service, the hotel is proud to present Blossom Tea, a temporary florist’s in its main lobby, which will be open from 3-14 November. Gran Hotel Inglés has worked together with the Madrid Flower School to recreate a classic Madrilenean florist’s that you would find almost anywhere in Barrio de las Letras. This evanescent florist’s will be open until 14 November, offering various activities, such as flower workshops and live demonstrations. It will also be home to the hotel’s new afternoon tea service.


Tea and flowers for autumn afternoons

Blossom Tea will be served every afternoon (4pm-7pm) from the 25 October to 14 November in the main hotel lobby, close its famous cocktail bar, LoBbyto. This afternoon tea service will consist of authentic British tea served with mini sandwiches, cakes and pastries, and warm scones with fresh cream washed down with a nice glass of cava or champagne, or a “blossom” cocktail. If you wish, you can also get a personalised flower arrangement, which florist staff will put together for you on the spot. This service starts from €25, excluding the flower arrangement, and €45, including the flower arrangement. Once the florist’s is closed, Gran Hotel Inglés will continue to offer its afternoon tea service, but without this floral component.


The perfect partnership

There is far more to the partnership between Gran Hotel Inglés and the Madrid Flower School than just Blossom Tea; this prestigious floral design school is the sole provider of floral decoration services for the hotel, delighting guests and visitors with its spectacular creations, including pieces made exclusively by its students. Varying on a weekly basis, these creations are inspired by many floral design trends, integrating the rarest and most unique styles brought over from the Netherlands and Latin America, as well as floral crazes across Spain.

Blossom Tea at Gran Hotel Inglés

Blossom Tea at Gran Hotel Inglés

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