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Exclusive galleries: a different plan in Madrid

“A luxury brand is still an industrial product; an artist’s signature on his work guarantees exclusivity. A unique piece is true luxury” Andy Warhol.

A different way to experience and discover the capital is by visiting some of Madrid’s most exclusive art galleries.

Those who visit and wander around the 5-star Madrid Gran Hotel Inglés will appreciate the quality of the details, the history, and the art that surrounds the essence of the building, in a sophisticated blend of different ages.

But if you are also a genuine art lover, the city of Madrid also offers a different cultural plan where you can discover some of the most exclusive art galleries. If you wish to turn your luxury stay into an experience of sharing and feeling art directly, with no intermediaries for the different artistic currents, just follow our recommendations.

Madrid’s cultural and artistic wealth is often concealed behind large porticos that, once inside, reflect the passing of time and the influence of different currents that have passed through there.


This is one of the most representative spaces of Central European art that also incorporates new Spanish artists. It is home to an exclusive art exhibition that includes the work of around twenty artists. Galería Heinrich Ehrhardt is located at No. 11, Calle San Lorenzo, and it is open from Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 11am to 2pm.


International art merges with a mix of unique styles such as minimalism or conceptual art, making the Galería Casado Santapau one of the capital’s leading art galleries. The works exhibited there are by internationally renowned artists. The gallery is at No. 10, Calle Piamonte, Chueca. It opens from Tuesday to Friday, 11am until 2pm and then 4pm until 8pm, and on Saturdays from 11am until 2pm.


In the new evolution of contemporary art, painting is fused with photography and design. This emergence of great new talents is showcased at Mad is Mad. Over the years, this venue has exhibited work by over 100 artists, bringing to the capital a halo of new contemporary creativity. This space is at No. 48, Calle Pelayo, right in the heart of the capital. If you are an art lover and you are looking to intensify your experience of luxury at our Gran Hotel Inglés, follow our recommendations and turn your stay into pure artistry.

 Exclusive galleries: a different plan in Madrid

Exclusive galleries: a different plan in Madrid

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