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If you’re starting to plan your next holidays, you should be aware that at the 5-star Gran Hotel Inglés Madrid we’ve started to get ready for our reopening. Our aim continues to be to offer you the finest experience during your stay in Madrid, your satisfaction and safety being our highest concern.


To offer you an assurance of a safe environment, we’ve drawn up some protocols that enable us to continue offering the friendly and personal service that characterises us, while safeguarding both your safety and that of all our staff.


We wish to assure you that it is safe to travel to Madrid and that, by staying at a luxury establishment like the Gran Hotel Inglés, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays you’ve always dreamed of with the peace of mind of knowing that our entire team is committed to your safety.


We urge you to start planning your next trip and to book your stay in any of our elegant and evocative bedrooms now. Let yourself to be seduced by what’s on offer and don’t think twice about coming to visit Madrid.


In this article we seek to assuage your doubts, answering travellers’ most frequently-asked questions as well as telling you about all the steps we’ve taken to ensure our guests’ safety.


Shed your doubts and start planning your next trip

At the Gran Hotel Inglés we’ve sought to answer the main queries of travellers who are starting to plan their holidays, using a question and answer format:


Is it safe to travel to Madrid? Of course: you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays in Madrid with complete peace of mind, thanks to the steps that we’re taking in this country to ensure your safety.


Will the airports be open? Yes, the airports will be open, although special measures are in place to protect travellers’ health, such as limiting entry to only those who are going to fly and reducing the number of people present at any one time.


Will it be possible to travel by car? Of course, car travel, as well as the use of taxis, will be permitted, as long as the safety and security measures are observed.


Will I be able to swim in the hotel pool? Yes, although you may face limitations on the number of people allowed in at any one time.


Will bars and discos be open? Yes, bars and restaurants will be open, albeit with reduced capacity, and the opening of discos is planned along the same lines. You’ll be able to enjoy the culinary and cocktail offering of the Gran Hotel Inglés at Lobo 8 and LobByto.


Will I be able to go shopping? Of course, you’ll be able to visit your favourite stores.


Will it be necessary to book in advance to visit a museum? The museums will be open to the public without the need to book in advance.


Will I be able to see a show?: You’ll be able to attend any cultural activity you like, although attendance will be limited.


The safety of our guests: the number one priority of Gran Hotel Inglés


The Gran Hotel Inglés is committed to looking after its guests and seeks to offer them the utmost peace of mind and safety during their next stay. To this end we’ve drawn up the following protocol for the protection of both our guests and our workforce.


If our employees are protected, you are too


Measures For Our Staff

  • Undertaking PCR and immunological testing administered by Blue
  • Healthcare prior to their rejoining the team.
  • Health check-ups every two weeks to ensure there is no new infection.
  • Training in biosecurity, biocontainment and biodecontamination.
  • Training in the use of disinfectant chemicals and machinery.
  • Weekly disinfection of uniforms using electrostatic silver ion nebulisation (Ag2).


A secure but not invasive protocol


Measures In Operational Processes

  • Check-in and check-out in personalised settings devoid of physical contact.
  • Dining and room service featuring protective elements for each dish.
  • Social distancing measures in place throughout the hotel.


Exhaustive checks including the most remote corner of the hotel


Measures At Our Facilites

  • Sanitary inspection and assessment of each hotel’s facilities carried out by Laborat/Biorisk.
  • Evaluation of climate control systems.
  • Hotel entrances fitted with footwear disinfection measures featuring disinfectant mats.
  • Ongoing disinfection of surfaces using Asepticae Superficies, based on silver ions.
  • Disinfection of curtains, headboards, cushions etc. by means of electrostatic nebulisation of silver ions prior to every arrival.
  • Guaranteed washing of bedding and towels at more than 60° C.
  • Welcome kit for individual use with protective equipment (mask, gel and gloves).


With the guarantee of leading international companies and professionals


Health & Scientific Advice

  • All the measures undertaken have been overseen and recommended by Blue Healthcare/Laborat/Biorisk, specialists in healthcare and comprehensive biosecurity, numbering immunologists and scientists among their staff who are in direct contact with the research into the SARS-CoV-2 virus and apply rigorous judgements in terms of the most efficacious measures and equipment needed to combat it.


If you require more information about our safety and security protocols, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. At the Gran Hotel Inglés, our priority is your health and your complete peace of mind.

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