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Actors, singers, writers, politicians, bullfighters… many have been the guests of national and international fame that have passed through the Hotel Inglés. 

“Over the decades, the fame and distinction of the Hotel Inglés led people of note to come and stay in its rooms.”

The reputation that the ‘El Restaurante Inglés’ acquired over the years was added to the elegance, the class and the distinction of the hotel itself, and this transformed it into the most celebrated meeting place in the city. Here, major cultural, social and political events of the Spanish capital took place.


Carlos Gardel, the greatest representative of the tango, singer, actor and composer, was a guest of the hotel in the 1920s. Other musicians that stayed here include Chapí, Bretón, Chueca and Barbier, as well as Raquel Meller, the cabaret singer who eternalised ‘La violetera’.


During the 1920s, literary giants, such as Clarín, Valle-Inclán and Galdós also stayed at the Hotel Inglés, attracting international writers such as Virginia Woolf. American guests would frequently ask for the room where the famous authoress used to stay.


In addition to the Philippine painters Juan Luna and Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, honoured at the famous banquet in 1994, painters including Rusiñol and Matisse also passed through the hotel.


Distinguished politicians of the First Spanish Republic, such as Pi y Margall, and of the Second Republic, from Eduardo Dato to the liberal José Canalejas, also came to stay. Military officers, such as Martínez Campos and Fernando Primo de Rivera also lodged at the hotel.


Famous bullfighters including “Frascuelo” and Rafael Gomez Ortega “El Gallo” and his wife, Pastora, stayed here. On 20 February 1911, Enrique Vargas “Minuto” and his bride, who was abandoning the bosom of her mother “La mejorana”, set off from the hotel to get married in the Church of San Sebastián.


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