Since its re-opening in 2018, the Gran Hotel Inglés hasn’t stopped their determination to become once again, a meeting point and compulsory appointment for people who love the good food, that enjoy table tack or a pleasant cocktail in the evening. As the ones that marked in the Golden age, when it was known as Café Inglés 1853.

The old name of Street Echegaray (before Lobo Street) gives name to this new restaurant that will be guided by the Michelin star chef Fernando P. Arellano and with him, D´ Angelo Bishop, the executive chef of the hotel. 

The restaurant is an interior design project by the well-known agency Rockwell NY.

For the restaurant it has been sought to create a friendly concept, where it predominates dark colours, the leather, big mirrors in the walls and a large window that allows to see the kitchen in the views of the guest.


Food House

Casa Lobo wants to be the updated and refined version of the classical food-houses that occupied Madrid in the middle of the last century. All the flavours and the well-kept traditions are because of the raw materials and a closed personal service in which have passed through an elegant and refined filter.


Authentic tradition

In this bet for the recognition of the classic, Arellano and Bishop propose to recover the dishes that are present in everyone’s memory. Among others, they propose to start with dishes such as “Poultry thin Paté and Foie Gras to the Oporto with village bread”, perfect to share,” Pavía soldiers, saffron battered cod fritters”, “An octopus that is not Coal roasted, instead to the Josper and then accompanied by spring garlic and romesco”,” Josper sauce and crispy fried suckling pig ears with honey and chorizo dressing”.

Starting with the main course, we can find other proposals also with a classic such as “Meuniere style pan seared sole on the bone with capers” and “Bone marrow gratinated ox-tail stew canelloni with Jerusalem artichoke pure” the “Tender confit veal tongue with onion and caper sauce” the “Coal roasted moorish spiced fore loin of iberico pork” or a “T-bone matured steak to the Josper”.


Childhood desserts

In this journey to childhood through the kitchen, Arellano closes his proposal with classic desserts, always with an updated touch in its execution or final touch, like the “Cinammon scented rice pudding with blueberries” an excellent “Local strawberry pavlova with vanilla Chantilly”, “Pijama creme caramel and preserved peach” or “The nostalgic custard of Gran Hotel Inglés”

The winery will be at the highest level and proposes more than 400 wine references, in its great majority Spanish, hard not to find the right one. For after the meal, they propose to return to our era, enjoying one of the delicious cocktails made based on the taste of every guest created in the oval bar of “Lobbyto” the other big space of Gran Hotel Inglés in its principal hall.

Fernando P. Arellano Chef Casa Lobo

Fernando P. Arellano Chef Casa Lobo

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